Successful applicants are required to sign Memorandum of Agreement i.e., Funding Agreement with MPOB (on behalf of MARCOP), subject to, amongst others, the following terms and conditions:
  1. Submission expenditure statements, periodical progress reports and final reports (if applicable);

  2. Prototype ownership agreement;

  3. Intellectual property ownership agreement; and

  4. MARCOP reserves the right to review, revoke, suspend or withdraw any applications and/or approvals of the MARCOP grant or any payment made by MARCOP at any time: –

    • should there be changes in the scope of the project without notifying and getting written approval from MARCOP;

    • in the event successful applicants are unable to complete the project according to the submitted proposal and milestones;

    • in the event successful applicants breach the terms and conditions specified in the Funding Agreement; and

    • if such measures are deemed necessary in the opinion of MARCOP.

  5. Should there be any inconsistencies between these guidelines and the Funding Agreement, the terms and conditions of the Funding Agreement shall prevail.